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Hello and welcome to my home-page! This page will inform you about myself, about my friends and my favorite places on the net.

I was born in Moscow Russia, and my parents, Nina and Valery, are russian also. I love my family and I cherish every moment I spend with my Mum Dad and my younger brother Alex, who designed this particular web-page. I'm a romantic, Internet addicted girl who loves to spend her time surfing the web, in search of interesting pages. I like nature (especially the sea) and love watching the stars on summer nights. I'm fond of reading and my favourite authours are Gabriel Garcia Marquez (and his outstanding masterpiece "Cien Anos De Soledad") Laura Esquivel and Paulo Coelho. My favorite Russian musician is Zemfira, I admire her talent and her uncomparable lyrics, i like soft Spanish music, (Julio Iglesias, Marta Sanchez, Camilo Sesto), but I also enjoy hot tropical rhytms (Elvis Crespo, Maritza Rodrigues, Ricky Martin, Natalia Oreiro). I'm writing poems in Russian, English and Spanish, and I love Spanish language and latin culture. I like watching movies and my favorite actress is Robin Wright Penn. I'm absolutely sure that friendship is one of the most precious things in the world, but real friends are hard to find and if you found some, be careful not to loose them.

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How to find me online?

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can send me an e-mail (no spamming and chain letters, please! I'm glad to meet new friends, I enjoy writing long personal email messages, I respect my online penpals and spamming is a lack of respect, dont you think?). If you don't like e-mails you can chat me in one of MSN chatrooms. My nickname is LuzMirella. Well I hope you liked the page. I really appreciate your attention and thanks for the time you spent viewing the web.

My favorite links

Here is a list of my favourite web pages with a brief inscription of each of them. You might be interested in visiting these pages, cause there are a lot of great things there. - a great page that contains information about movies, actors and latest releases. Updated frequently. - a Spanish language resourse, where you can find all sorts of curiosities, interesting and unusual facts, jokes, and some software to download. - a Spanish language web portal that provides you with latest news from Spain - a Spanish language resourse where you can find information about TV programms and some interesting computer and technology related news. - a page dedicated to latin culure and spanish-speaking people in USA - a Russian language web-page dedicated to latin actors and musicians who gained popularity in Russia.
Well I hope you enjoy visiting the pages.

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